Theology on Tap is a series of talks at gatherings on a weekday evening in a relaxed setting intended for young adults, college aged through the thirties, married and single in the Greater Boston Area.  However all are welcome regardless of age, as long as you’re at least 21 years old since we meet at the Rattlesnake Bar and Grill.

Young adults gather to hear a speaker and have a conversation around some aspect of theology – as it pertains to the Church, literature, society, philosophy, ethics, culture, music, art and many other topics.  We typically have five series per year, with three to four talks per series.

The people behind Theology on Tap
Our coordinators are Mark Davidson and Steve Hardy, parishioners at the Church of the Advent, whom you may contact for more information, and who receive the ongoing assistance of Fr. Sammy Wood, Associate Rector of the Church of the Advent, when creating each series.  We also have many volunteers who, for instance, help with setting up before meetings, welcoming attendees, taking photographs, recording talks, and introducing speakers.  If you’re interested in volunteering to help please feel free to contact us.

History of Theology on Tap
Theology on Tap began in June, 1981 at St. James Parish, Arlington Heights, Chicago, as a response to a conversation between a parish priest and a young man from the parish who was graduating from college. That man was looking beyond his last few months of college to the “real world.” He was facing a career and wondering about the future. He was concerned about his personal identity and finding meaning in life: “Will I be more than my job? What will it mean to fall in love? Where does God fit in all of this? What does it mean to be Christian?..” The Theology on Tap concept continues to address these and similar questions in parishes throughout the country.

History of Theology on Tap at the Church of the Advent
Theology on Tap was started at the Church of the Advent and began its first series on May 3, 2003.  Since then we have had more than 34 series and 105 meetings.

About the Church of the Advent (Episcopal/Anglican)
The Church of the Advent is a Christian community in the Anglican tradition which gathers together day by day and week by week to know and make known the Grace of God which comes to believers through Jesus Christ.  All that we are and all that we do is empowered by the Grace of God which is given to us through the Sacraments instituted by Christ, particularly the Sacrament of the Altar.  And by means of this abundant grace we enjoy a diverse, vital, and close-knit parish family – young, old, rich, poor, of various ethnic origins and differing backgrounds.  From our extraordinary music program to a growing church school, our guilds of bell ringers, gardeners and acolytes, to those who serve our long-standing Tuesday Night Community Dinner for the needy, the Advent is a community of faith which tries to keep the Gospel close to her heart and to live by Jesus’ teaching.  The Church of the Advent is a parish within the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The Rt. Rev'd N. T. Wright

The Rt. Rev’d N. T. Wright, Lord Bishop of Durham, had dinner with some of the young adults at the Church of the Advent, at John Harvard’s Brew House in Harvard Square before delivering a lecture at Harvard’s Memorial Church.