♪ On the Beginnings of the Oxford Movement — A. Klukas (12/17/19)

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The Rev Dr Arnold Klukas:

The Advent of Renewed Catholicity in Anglicanism: The Oxford Movement in its Theology and Liturgy

The Church of the Advent owes its existence to the Oxford Movement, which began a revival of spirituality and liturgy in both England and the USA in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1832 a group of young Anglican clergy came together to protest the subservience of the Church of England to the secular powers and the materialism of their era. They went back to the basics: the Bible, the Prayer Book and the Creeds to demonstrate how far the Church of England had strayed from its divine purposes. They wrote a series of short tracts [hence people called them Tractarians] to put forward a new vision of what the Church ought to be and how it ought to worship. They faced heavy opposition on both sides of the Atlantic and were called ‘papists’ and ‘revolutionaries.’ Within the space of four decades they had transformed many deadly dull congregations into a force for spiritual renewal and mission.
We face a similar situation in both the Church and Society of our own day; perhaps the Advent is the place where, by God’s Grace, a renewed Anglo-Catholicism can be a means of renewing both the churches and social institutions of the twenty-first century.
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Fr. Arnold Klukas is a former Professor at Nashotah House as well as a former curate at All Saints Church in London, which was the ’flag-ship’ of the Oxford Movement at its founding in 1847—just as the Advent was also founded.
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