Tues. 11 October 2016 @ 7 pm // David Zahl

program continues this fall at the Rattlesnake Bar
with the theme “After Christendom”
Our second speaker in this series is David Zahl, director of Mockingbird Ministries and editor-in-chief of the Mockingbird blog. After graduating from Georgetown University in 2001, he worked for several years as a youth minister in New England boarding schools. In 2007 he founded Mockingbird in New York City, which moved its operations to Virginia in 2010. David and his wife Cate now reside in Charlottesville with their three sons, where David also serves on the staff of Christ Episcopal Church, supervising their ministry to students and young adults. He is a licensed lay preacher in the diocese of Virginia, and his first book, A Mess of Help: From the Crucified Soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll, appeared in 2014. Most recently he co-authored Law & Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints).
Mr. Zahl’s topic is:
“Hungry for Religion: Foodies, Fitness,
and the End of Superstition”
A friend of Mr. Zahl’s recently observed that when she goes running on Sunday mornings, she passes several packed fitness boutiques, a handful of bustling brunch joints, and five nearly empty churches. The connection isn’t as arbitrary as one might think, at least not when you consider the degree of moral (and spiritual) energy being expended at all three destinations. Indeed, what does our increasingly “righteous” relationship with food and fitness say about the (post-)religious landscape in which we live? A lot, it turns out. Join us as we explore how the Christian faith addresses the tastiest and most tiring of modern superstitions.
The second Theology on Tap of the season will take place on October 11 at 7 pm at the Rattlesnake Bar, 342 Boylston Street. Theology on Tap is a terrific outreach opportunity, especially for students and young adults, so invite your friends and join us for an educational and enjoyable evening together.
Please direct any questions to Father Jeff Hanson and follow us @adventboston


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