Ockham’s Kegger Returns this Summer // Fr. Jeff Hanson on “Argument for Atheism? Kierkegaard & Divine Hiddenness” // Tuesdays Aug. 18 and 25 @ 7p

Theology on Tap Presents: Ockham’s Kegger – “Argument for Atheism? Kierkegaard & Divine Hiddenness” // Tuesdays Aug. 18 & 25 @ 7p // Rattlesnake Bar on Boylston

Fr. Jeff Hanson will be visiting the Advent for the month of August, and he’s agreed to do two special events. Ockham’s Kegger, a series Fr. Jeff helped create before moving to Australia, is a recurring event where Theology on Tap takes a more philosophical turn for an evening. Join us on Tuesday August 18 and 25 as Fr. Jeff presents a 2-part series on Kierkegaard and “Divine Hiddenness.”
deus absconditus

The Judeo-Christian tradition has often acknowledged that God feels — at least from time to time — distant from those that he loves, and this distance has been a point of consideration in theology, philosophy, literature, and art. Recently, however, the phenomenon of what we might call God’s hiddenness has become theorized as a positive basis for disbelief in God’s existence altogether. If God is truly love and wants to be in loving relationship with all people, the argument runs, then why is His existence not completely obvious to every impartial enquirer? This 2-part series will consider the force of the argument for atheism from the fact of divine hiddenness: Why shouldn’t God’s existence be more obvious? Particularly if God is supposed to love us, then why doesn’t He make himself more clearly known? We will further consider potential challenges to this way of thinking, especially from Soren Kierkegaard, who even the greatest advocate of the argument for atheism from divine hiddenness admits is his most formidable opponent.


Theology on Tap is a ministry for young adults in their 20s and 30s in the Boston area, but all are welcome! Join us at 7 for drinks or dinner upstairs at the Rattlesnake (334 Boylston Street), and the presentation begins at 7:30p. For more info, contact Fr. Wood, visit bostontheologyontap.com, and follow @AdventBoston.

Eat good food.
Drink great beer.
Meet excellent people.
Think deep thoughts.

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