3.16.2015 // God With Skin: A Conversation about Ignatian Spirituality w/ Andy Otto

Contemplating a God with Skin: Spirituality for the Everyday Woman & Man

Most of us grow up with an image of a distant and untouchable God. Yet nearly 500 years ago Saint Ignatius introduced a brand of Christian spirituality that helped bring God not just down to earth — that already happened at the Incarnation — but into our very lives. By getting in touch with our reality we can feel, touch, and experience this God who cares very much about our hopes and dreams.

e7a88173eeeaa65441c796c82c7bbc34Join us @ 7p on Monday March 16 @ the Rattlesnake for a conversation with Andy Otto about Ignatian Spirituality. Andy is the creator and editor of God In All Things, a blog and podcast on Ignatian spirituality. He is a graduate student at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry and lives with his wife in Mansfield, MA. As a former Jesuit (and Disney cast member) Andy loves finding God in all things and pondering God’s dreams for him. He is currently working on a book on Ignatian spirituality. Please bring a friend with you to hear Andy on Monday March 16!

For more info, follow @adventboston.

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