Theology on Tap Returns to the Rattlesnake :: Tuesday 20 January 2015

Dan McClain :: “Repurposing the Body”
What is the human body good for? Is there such a thing as a Christian “body image”? How should Christians talk about the body?
Objectification of the body is a central feature of our culture. On the one hand, we lament the unfortunate consequences of objectification, especially among young people. On the other hand, we celebrate objectification, and not only in the media, but in the activities that fill our daily lives. Yet, we never seem to interrogate those activities.
  • Why should I want to look this way, eat this way, spend all my time on this treadmill?
  • What made me want to conform to this seemingly arbitrary image of the human body?
  • What could make me happy with my body?
  • What do I really want to look like?
Join Dan McClain (Loyola University Maryland) on January 20 to discuss body image. Dan will explore whether there are other sources of body image that offer happiness and flourishing. Two such sources that he will look at are poetry and martyrdom.
Join us @ the Rattlesnake Bar on Boylston Street for the first Theology on Tap of 2015 next Tuesday 20 January @ 7p. And bring a friend!

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