♪ On Heresy — Fr. Macdonald-Radcliff (02/18/20)

The Rev’d Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff: How to Choose Your Heresy: An Introductory Guide to This Perennially Popular Primrose Path. Listen: The Talk. Rowan Greer,  the late Professor of Yale Divinity School and  distinguished church historian, used to be fond of saying of modern Episcopalians that, “We are all Pelagians now”. His ironic remark highlights the … More ♪ On Heresy — Fr. Macdonald-Radcliff (02/18/20)

On Devotional Societies — Fr. Godderz (01/28/20)

Fr Michael Godderz: On Catholic Societies Unfortunately, no audio of the talk is available. Come to our events in person. The Catholic Societies have played a significant part of the Anglo-Catholic movement. They have united devout and earnest souls within parishes as well as throughout the church, indeed, throughout the Anglican Communion. Further they have … More On Devotional Societies — Fr. Godderz (01/28/20)

♪ On Sacred Time — Sr. Theotokos (01/07/20)

Sr Maria Theotokos Adams: “Sanctified Time”: Myth or Reality? Listen: The Talk, Q&A.   The Scottish mystic George MacDonald (1824 – 1905) famously noted: “Every day is Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter.” Yet, Christians have liturgical calendars and universally acknowledge Sunday as the sacred dies Domini. Early Christian laity and various ascetic movements invested heavily … More ♪ On Sacred Time — Sr. Theotokos (01/07/20)